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Canvas Tarpaulins

We have high quality canvas tarpaulins in three colors. We manufacture our canvas tarpaulins and know what makes it a quality piece of material. The canvas tarpaulins eyelets are made of Heavy Gauge brass which will not rust. All canvas tarpaulins are Hemmed & Stitched around the perimeter and reinforced at each eyelet. Our canvas tarpaulins are more heavy duty than the average 10 oz. canvas tarpaulins. Our canvas tarpaulins range from 12oz. to 14 oz. and have a thick thread shaft. Each individually made canvas tarpaulins is built with super heavy duty edges and a high quality and strong thread shaft.

Our Super heavy duty canvas tarpaulins are for use in severe conditions - Suitable for canvas Boat tarpaulins and brown canvas log covers to cover log piles and many other outside applications. Painters like to use our canvas tarpaulins to paint art or designs. Construction painters like to use the brown or white canvas tarpaulins to protect the floor while they are painting. Our green canvas tarpaulins are used to blend into the environment. We have a white canvas tarpaulins, brown canvas tarpaulins and green canvas tarpaulins to choose from. All our canvas tarpaulins have a heavy duty oz. range and are of the highest quality canvas. If you need tough canvas material, you can not beat or canvas tarpaulins!

Each canvas tarpaulins is made out of 100% Cotton Single Filled Duck fabric. The canvas edges have solid brass grommets approx. every 2ft. The corners of the canvas tarpaulins have four ply fabric reinforced corners & grommets. We are proud to say that we have the largest selection of sizes in canvas tarpaulins anywhere, with a chose of three colors to choose from and we are glad to offer you these canvas tarpaulins.

Tan Canvas Tarpaulins
Rustic tan canvas tarpaulins.
White Canvas Tarpaulins
High end looking white canvas tarpaulins.
Green Canvas Tarpaulins
Green canvas tarpaulins that blend in.
Blue Canvas Tarpaulins
Regal blue canvas tarpaulins, great for boating.
Flame Retardant Canvas Tarpaulins Heavy Duty
Fire retardant treated flame retardant canvas tarpaulins.
Custom Canvas Tarpaulins
Special order custom canvas tarpaulins.
Canvas Drop Cloth
Heavy duty canvas cloth absorbing canvas drop cloth for painting and construction.

Do you need tough material like canvas tarpaulins? There is no substitute for our canvas tarpaulins! Canvas tarpaulins are essential for conditions which require protection against wind or absorption of paint. The grommet rings, material and stitching are hand made so you are assured high quality but the distance of grommets may vary approximately every 2 ft. around the perimeter. Our white canvas tarpaulins are great for all outdoor use as well as painter's tarpaulins and painting artwork. Brown canvas is great for blending in a natural environment as well as our green canvas tarpaulins. We specialize in canvas tarpaulins covers, so when you need very heavy duty canvas tarpaulins and the canvas needs to last a long time you can always think of our canvas tarpaulins.

We also have large canvas tarpaulins for industrial use. We stock the biggest canvas tarpaulins in the industry so if you need to cover that big job with canvas we can solve your problem.

We started out with all our tarpaulins made from canvas. The original tarpaulins or tarpaulin were canvas. The word tarpaulin originated as a compound of the words tar and palling, referring to a tarred canvas pall used to cover objects on ships. By association, sailors became known as tarpaulins and eventually tars. When used for a tarpaulins, the word hoochie (also hootchie, hootch, or hooch) comes from the Japanese uchi ("house"). Huts in various parts of rural Asia are known by this or similar names, and during the Korean and Vietnam Wars English-speaking soldiers came to use the word to refer to their own makeshift shelters, which often consisted of little more than a tarpaulins. Modern canvas is usually made of cotton. It differs from other heavy cotton fabrics, such as twill, in the way it is woven.

Canvas has a very simple weave: the weft thread just goes over one warp thread and under the next. (The weft thread for twill goes over one and under two and each weft thread moves the pattern over one thread. The result is a diagonal pattern such as can be observed in the cloth use for blue jeans.) Canvas comes in two basic types: plain and Duck. The threads in Duck canvas are more tightly woven. Our canvas tarpaulins are duck canvas. Water resistance is possible with canvas tarpaulins if they are canvas tarpaulins oil base treated. The oil canvas tarpaulins help repel liquid. The oiled canvas helps fill in the cotton canvas threading. In the USA canvas is graded two ways: by weight (ounces per square yard) and by number. The numbers run in reverse of the weight; so, number 10 canvas is lighter than number 4. The more modern poly tarpaulin is more common these days but there are many applications that are only used for good old canvas tarpaulins.

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