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Blue Canvas Tarpaulins

We manufacture our high grade Blue Canvas Tarpaulins. Our Blue Canvas Tarpaulins are made for optimum sun protection and shade, constructed with the highest quality materials. These blue canvas tarpaulins are 100% industrial grade cotton canvas which can be folded up or rolled up and can travel just about anywhere you need protection from the sun.
Blue Canvas Tarpaulins - Heavy Duty Cotton Canvas Tarpaulins 10 oz. Per Square Yrd. - Super Heavy Duty Thread Gage The Blue canvas tarpaulins are sold individually
  • Grommets Approx. Every 2 Feet
  • Tear Resistant
  • Heavy Duty Canvas Tarpaulins
  • High Quality Cotton
  • Please note: this item is dyed and hence may emit dye onto the items being covered.

Blue Canvas Tarpaulins

6x8 6x10 8x10 8x12 10x12
10x16 12x20 14x20 20x20 20x40
All About Blue Canvas Tarpaulins

The blue canvas tarpaulins are an absolute must have in every home, car, camping kit, boaters kit, etc. A tarpaulins is used to cover and protect the things that are under it from weather, exposure, animals, and other things like that. A very common use for tarpaulins is to cover things in the back of a truck when moving. By using the tarpaulins the owners are protecting their things from road dust, weather, and bugs.

Canvas tarpaulins can be used to line things that require some type of lining in order to remain separated, like in the construction of a small home made pond the landscaper might dig the hole for the pond then line it with waterproof tarpaulins before filling it with the sand or gravel and water. Covering firewood in the winter so that it stays dry is another common use for tarpaulins.

Camping is a fun way to use a canvas tarpaulins. They can be used to provide cover for the tents or eating areas so that campers can be dry while they sleep and not get sunburned while they eat.

This is one type of tarpaulins that everyone in the house can probably assemble. Most canvas tarpaulins are merely a large sheet of material with holes evenly spaced around the edges that are used to secure the tarpaulins to whatever it is being used with. The only materials needed are typically a couple lengths of sturdy rope for suspending over tents and using as a canopy as well as for tying the tarpaulins around something or bungee cords and sometimes poles or stakes if it is a tarpaulins made specifically for use as a canopy.

It is plain to see that blue canvas tarpaulins are practically a necessity at some point or another. They are easy to use, easy to store, and not overly heavy. *Caution color may bleed

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