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Truck Tarpaulins

Our truck tarpaulins are super heavy duty and made with the highest standards. When searching for truck tarpaulins it is important to have a high mesh count and a heavy denier. These truck tarpaulins are made with the long distance trucker in mind. Our truck tarpaulins also have a very thick poly coating. This assures durability yet keeping the material lightweight.

We have a wide range of applications of truck tarpaulins, ranging from dump truck tarpaulins, roll tarpaulins, flat beds to pick ups. Whether you need asphalt truck covers, dump truck tarpaulins or regular truck tarpaulins, we understand the needs of the trucking industry, that's why we go the extra length in satisfaction.

The life of a single truck tarpaulins is so crucial for trucking companies because they have trucks that travel across the country and can not afford to have a sub standard truck tarpaulins that cannot handle the harsh conditions that occur on the road. Trucking companies need to depend on long lasting truck covers to protect what ever load the truck is carrying and our truck tarpaulins do that and more. We strive to be the top source of truck tarpaulins for the trucking industry. So if you are looking for the ultimate truck tarpaulins or roll tarpaulins to cover your flat bed or container truck, dump trailer tarpaulins, grain truck tarpaulins or just an overall good truck tarpaulins, we suggest our super heavy duty truck tarpaulins.

Truck Tarpaulins Sold By The Case
Black truck tarpaulins sold by the case with "D" rings for long usage by the case.
Truck Tarpaulins Sold Individually
Buy a truck tarpaulins individually with "D" rings for long usage by the case.
Trailer Tarpaulins
Have your truck pull a trailer with one of our trailer tarpaulins on it.
Steel Tarpaulins
Professional truck steel tarpaulins for hauling steel loads.
Dump Truck Tarpaulins
High grade roll tarpaulins dump truck tarpaulins systems for holding in debris.

Need long lasting truck tarpaulins? If you need light weight truck tarpaulins you can always go to our brown tarpaulins page but these tarpaulins are for the serious user in mind. The trucking industry has high standards for these type of tarpaulins. Our truck tarpaulins are made with "D" rings that are triple stitched and are a favorite with our truck tarpaulins customers. These tarpaulins work well on flatbed trucks. A flatbed truck is a type of truck that can be either articulated or rigid. Flatbed trucks have an entirely flat, level body with no sides or roof. This allows for quick and easy loading of goods. Most flatbed trucks are used to transport heavy loads that are not delicate or vulnerable to precipitation, such as construction equipment, and also for abnormal loads that require more space than is available on a closed body. The truck tarpaulins are very heavy duty and if you need light weight truck tarpaulins go to our blue or brown poly tarpaulins page. When these type of materials are transported on a flatbed truck, it is very important to have the loads covered with very strong tarpaulins.

These truck tarpaulins are made for many types of trucks. Lumber tarpaulins, like truck tarpaulins covers are built with specific requirements that are needed for the proper applications. The stitching, thickness and D ring placement are very important. If you are looking for a tough truck tarpaulins cover, you can not beat our truck tarpaulins!

Safe Usage Of Truck Tarpaulins

Truck driving can be a difficult and a hazardous job. It is important to take regular breaks and truck drivers will often have to stop overnight at truck stops. Truck drivers are expected to look after their cargo. In order to keep it secure and safe from the elements, it is important to use truck tarpaulins.

Truck tarpaulins can weigh up to 100 pounds each and a cargo load can often require three of these at any one time. This often means a driver has to climb up to secure the tarpaulins and this can be very dangerous. This is why it is important to know how to fix tarpaulins as safely as possible.

When securing a tarpaulins make sure you keep hold of it. A lot of people keep hold of the ropes but these can come loose. You should spread your feet to maintain balance when securing the tarpaulins. If you are driving with a team or a co driver, get them to help you. Heavy lifting can put a lot of strain on your body, especially if you are traveling for long distances. Truckers know to make sure the tarpaulins is laid out on a flat area and check carefully for holes or you could damage the cargo.

When choosing a tarpaulins you should see if you are using an automatic or manual system. Automatic tarpaulins systems are heavier because they do not require people to lift them. Make sure you know what you are transporting in order to get the appropriate material to cover it. The fabric of the truck tarpaulins can be affected by humidity and UV light so it is vital to check carefully before setting off. You can usually have tarpaulins made to meet your requested specifications. While cost is a factor it is vital that you get the right truck tarpaulins for the job.

Our history began with truck tarpaulins. The humble beginnings of Premier Tarpaulins was a family owned business that specialized in canvas truck tarpaulins for the trucking and train industry. Since the late 1950s our small truck tarpaulins business has turned into a great American story. Our tarpaulins range from trucks tarpaulins to any type of tarpaulins that you can imagine. If you are a trucker and need information, call us and we will be glad to help you get covered with one of our tarpaulins.

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