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Canvas Drop Cloth

The canvas drop cloth is a great absorbing canvas cloth. Our heavy duty canvas drop cloth is a 10oz. strong thread canvas. Our off white canvas drop cloth also have a long life span compared to many other canvas cloths due to it's wide thread shaft. Heavy absorption makes this canvas a painter's favorite canvas cover on jobs.

Canvas Drop Cloth

4' x 15' 6' x 20' 12' x 12' 15' x 15'  

Need canvas drop cloth for that paint project? Our canvas drop cloth are painter's favorites and can take a beating.

Multiple Uses Of Canvas Drop Cloth Tarpaulins

You can find many uses for canvas drop cloth tarpaulins and they are always a good item to have in your shed or car. The canvas tarpaulin is very strong, resilient and sturdy and capable of being manipulated for a huge range of jobs, whether for professional or recreation use.

The heavy duty duck canvas fabric is treated with a substance, in most case polyurethane. This creates a protective barrier to help prevent water from drenching the fabric. Therefore it can be used in many places where waterproofing is a requirement. Many painters use the canvas drop cloth tarpaulins for painting in order to absorb paint spills.

If you are off on a camping trip a drop cloth tarpaulins could be used perfectly as a ground sheet to protect you from the cold, damp floor. It could also be perfect for hanging between poles or trees to make a dining or covered seating area, or perhaps a spare sleeping compartment.

The corners of the canvas tarpaulins have rings which are ideal to secure the covering with pegs, poles or tie onto objects. These eyelets are reinforced and fitted with brass rings to make sure they are able to cope with the demands placed on it.

If you are using the heavy duty canvas covers as a protective shield for logs then you may prefer to use the dark green option. This can help the pile blend in with the natural surroundings. You may wish to cover your boat to help keep it dry and protected from the elements. A clean white would look great and also serve the purpose perfectly. The canvas cloth fabric is used in four layers to ensure that it is strong enough for any job. Stitching and hemming is reinforced so that the cover can handle the wind and stormy weather. You could even have a tarpaulins which has been treated to make it flame retardant. With so many variants you will find the best cloth covering to suit your requirements. The drop cloth tarpaulins also last a very long time. It is not uncommon to see a canvas drop cloth tarpaulins being used for year and year.

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