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Poly Tarpaulins

We have a large selection of poly tarpaulins. If you are looking for blue poly tarpaulins,U.V. treated silver poly tarpaulins, heavy duty white poly tarpaulins or just a good all purpose poly tarpaulins cover you are sure to find them here. These poly tarpaulins are ALL water proof and are great rain covers. All our ripstop poly tarpaulins or polyethylene tarpaulins are made with high density resin with heavy duty Grommets surrounding the entire perimeter of the tarpaulins. All of our poly tarpaulins are 100% Water Proof and Mildew proof Tear Resistant Acid Resistant with Arctic Flexibility so you do not have to worry if you are in below zero temperatures. Premier Tarpaulins strives to bring the world quality poly tarpaulins.
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Blue Poly Tarpaulins
Discount blue poly tarpaulins
Silver Poly Tarpaulins
Heavy duty silver poly tarpaulins
White Poly Tarpaulins
Heavy duty white poly tarpaulins
Green Poly Tarpaulins
Heavy duty green poly tarpaulins
Brown Poly Tarpaulins
Discount brown poly tarpaulins
Camouflage Poly Tarpaulins
Camouflage tarpaulins design tough grade camo tarpaulins.
Red Poly Tarpaulins
Heavy duty red poly tarpaulins
Yellow Poly Tarpaulins
Heavy duty yellow poly tarpaulins
Orange Poly Tarpaulins
Light duty orange poly tarpaulins
Super Heavy Duty Silver / Black Poly Tarpaulins
Two Ply SUPER HEAVY DUTY silver black poly - black out tarpaulins
White / Grey Poly Tarpaulins
Two ply white silver poly tarpaulins
Clear Poly Tarpaulins
Heavy duty polyethylene clear tarpaulins
Tan Poly Tarpaulins
Heavy duty tan poly tarpaulins.
Poly Tarpaulins Sold Individually
Don't need a whole case of poly tarpaulins? Click here for poly tarpaulins sold Individually.
Hurricane Covers & Tarpaulins
Facts and prices about hurricane tarpaulins and poly covers.
Heavy Duty Tarpaulins
Thick and Heavy Duty Poly Tarpaulins.

Poly tarpaulins can come in all shapes, sizes and brands. Here at Premier Tarpaulins we make the "Premier Tarpaulins" brand but there are many others on the market like Tuff Tarpaulins or polymax tarpaulins. Poly Tarpaulins are made with a plastic type material that is very strong and waterproof. There is a polyethylene coating that covers over the nylon tarpaulins material. Poly is the abbreviated term for polyethylene. Poly or polyethylene tarpaulins can come with a U.V. treated coat over the poly tarpaulins material which helps protect it for sunlight. Polyethylene (PE) is the largest volume polymer consumed in the world. It is a versatile polymer that offers high performance relative to other polymers and alternative materials such as glass, metal or paper.
People always ask what are poly tarpaulins made out of? Poly tarpaulins are made with polyethylene, nylon tarpaulins threading inside the material with a rope reinforcement around the perimeter of the poly tarpaulins material. Polyethylene (PE) resins are milky white, translucent substances derived from ethylene (CH29CH2). Polyethylene, with the chemical formula [8CH28CH28]n (where n denotes that the chemical formula inside the brackets repeats itself to form the plastic molecule) is made in low- and high-density forms. Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) has a density ranging from 0.91 to 0.93 g/cm3 (0.60 to 0.61 oz/cu in). The molecules of LDPE have a carbon backbone with side groups of four to six carbon atoms attached randomly along the main backbone. LDPE is the most widely used of all plastics, because it is inexpensive, flexible, extremely tough, and chemical-resistant. LDPE is molded into bottles, garment bags, frozen food packages, and plastic toys or in this case polyethylene tarpaulins aka poly tarpaulins.

Poly tarpaulins are the most popular and common tarpaulins worldwide. They are used for earthquake, tornado and hurricane relief. In the incipient stages of Premier Tarpaulins, canvas tarpaulins were the only form of tarpaulins that existed. In late 1950s the first polyethylene tarpaulins were introduced and basically started a tarpaulins revolution. The poly tarpaulins were an instant hit due to being 100% waterproof, less expensive and were flexible in Arctic weather which was a problem for canvas tarpaulins in cold climates. Premier Tarpaulins has been offering these tarpaulins to the Indian public since it's inception which is why we are proud to be called premiere authority of poly tarpaulins.

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