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Steel Tarpaulins

Super heavy duty steel tarpaulins for covering loads of steel on your truck. These steel tarpaulins are usually 16' wide, so they will have a 4' side drop on an 8' wide load.The common steel tarpaulins for big trucks is 16' wide x 27' long. Grommets are installed all around the hem of the steel tarpaulins plus 2 rows of “D” rings every 24" on each long side. The "D" rings are sewn under continuous rows of 2" seat belt webbing and placed 2' and 4' up from the edge (hem), so that the opposing top rows on each side are 8' apart. The trucking industry depends of quality when it comes to steel tarpaulins and these steel tarpaulins are sure to deliver.

Steel Tarpaulins

16' x 25'  

Travel long distances and need professional long lasting truck steel tarpaulins? You will always be glad you chose our steel tarpaulins.

A Look At Steel Tarpaulins

Usually when you hear the word tarpaulins, you think of a large cloth like material that is used for building and home improvement projects. But what are steel tarpaulins? Although these are not made from steel, they are extremely heavy duty and are used for covering loads of steel or other dangerous or hazardous materials. The steel tarpaulins come in a variety of different sizes, but the most common is 16 by 25 feet. This size will easily cover the truck bed and allow for a four foot side drop. Many steel tarpaulins are also treated with a special chemical coating to ensure that they can withstand extreme temperatures. Our steel tarpaulins here at Tarpaulins Plus are treated. It is important that the tarpaulins does not freeze and break even in the coldest temperatures. Our steel tarpaulins are also waterproof to keep the rain from rusting the materials that are being covered and protected. While there are a few different colors of steel tarpaulins available, black is most common, as it looks professional, also camouflaging the materials that are underneath. This tarpaulins was designed to keep loads on the back of trucks protected and in place while they are in transportation to another location. From steel rods to plywood, it can protect materials from the weather and keep them secure.

Steel tarpaulins will also have heavy duty grommets installed all around the edge of the hem. These are usually placed about twenty-four inches apart. This ensures that the person using it is able to secure it and tie it down easily and keep it in place for long periods of time. There are a number of professional industries that use these items regularly. These products have proven that they are durable and long lasting. Anyone dealing with hazardous materials needs to know that they are putting their trust in a high quality product.

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