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Yellow Poly Tarpaulins

Tarpaulins - Super Heavy Duty Poly Tarpaulin 5.0 oz. Per Square Yrd. - 1200 Denier - 12x14 Weave Count
  • Grommets Approx. Every Inches
  • Water Proof
  • Mildew Resistant
  • 14 Mil Thickness
  • Tear Resistant
  • Acid Resistant
  • Heavy Duty Poly Tarpaulins
  • Rope Reinforced
  • Arctic Flexibility
  • UV Treated on Both Sides

Yellow Poly Tarpaulins Sold by the Case

10' x 12' 6 'x 20' 10' x 10' 10' x 16' 10' x 20'
12' x 20' 12' x 24' 14' x 16' 18' x 20' 20' x 20'
20' x 24' 20' x 40' 20' x 50' 24' x 24' 24' x 30'
24' x 40' 30' x 30'  

Must have bright yellow tarpaulins for a caution area? We suggest our yellow tarpaulins.

What Can You Do With Yellow Tarpaulins?

Tarpaulins or tarpaulins are very useful in a number of ways. You can find yellow, white, red, green, blue and other colored tarpaulins on the market nowadays. Contrary to what you may think, each color serves its own specific purpose. Yellow tarpaulins are bright enough to stand out in any place.

Not surprisingly, they are used in emergency or rescue operations. By covering certain items during a rescue operation, it is possible to indicate the position of rescue items needed for the operation. For any situation, which needs high visibility, the yellow tarpaulins comes in handy. Therefore, if there is any unfinished road works, you may find a yellow tarpaulin covering them until the works are completed. The same goes with any item, which needs to be secured on the road or anywhere else. By covering it with bright yellow tarpaulin, it would give enough visibility for people to avoid that particular area. Some people use these tarpaulins to cover bales of hay. Apart from giving enough high visibility, bright yellow is a good reflector of light and low absorber of heat.

Therefore, there are less chances of the hay being damaged in any way due to the Sun's heat. Farmers also use bright yellow tarpaulins to cover and protect farming equipment and machinery. Due to their waterproof, mildew and acid resistant features, they are very much suitable for covering them. The same goes with any gardening equipment, which you may have at home.

You can also use a yellow tarpaulins to cover your boat, car or any other vehicle. Since such a tarpaulins creates high visibility, there will be less chances of anyone getting hurt due to knocking into the vehicle or gardening equipment accidentally. At the same time, your vehicles and gardening equipment can be protected against the harsh elements of weather. To put it briefly, yellow tarpaulins are useful in situations where high visibility is required such as rescue or emergency ones. It is also possible to cover vehicles, equipment or machinery as a means of protecting them from the elements of weather.

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