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White Fire Retardant Tarpaulins

White Fire Retardant Tarpaulins - Super Heavy Duty Poly Tarpaulin 6.0 oz. Per Square Yrd. -1200 Denier - 14x14 Weave Count
  • Grommets Approx.Every 18 Inches.
  • Waterproof
  • Mildew proof
  • Tear Resistant
  • Acid Resistant
  • Heavy Duty Poly Tarpaulins
  • Arctic Flexibility
  • UV Treated on Both Sides

White Fire Retardant Tarpaulins

6x10 6x20 7x20 8'x20' 7x30
8x10 8x16 10'x10' 10'x12' 10'x16'
10x20 10x30 12x12 12x16 12'x20'
12x24 12x30 14x20 15x30 16'x20'
20'x20' 20'x24' 20'x30' 20'x40' 24'x24'
24'x30' 30'x30' 30'x40' 30'x50' 30'x60'
40'x40' 40'x50' 40'x60'  

Choosing White Fire Retardant Tarpaulins

Choosing white fire retardant tarpaulins for your next project or protection needs is a great choice. Over the years, there have been new products to the market, but sometimes new just does not mean better. Quality heavy duty poly tarpaulin is ideal for a number of different uses. It is also very affordable, not matter what you need it for. You may find these tear resistant tarpaulins on construction sites, used by military operations, protecting outdoor electrical equipment, keeping the wood pile dry over at the neighbors house, and even used for camping. There are a wide variety of uses that make this ideal for just about any situation.

The fire retardant tarpaulins are UV treated on both sides, to help protect from the damaging rays of the sun. They are strong and heavy duty to resist damage caused by wind. Each one is waterproof and mildew proof to help protect from water damage. They are very flexible and have grommets ideally placed for easy and convenient tie down. Some may be indecisive about using fire retardant tarpaulins treated material because they may think it is cheaper to go with an untreated alternative at a lower price. The risks are really not worth the reduction in quality. The last thing you would want on your next camping trip is for a hot ash from your campfire floating up and igniting the top of your tent.

The protection that is provided is unsurpassed by any other brand or type of material. Quality tarpaulins are constructed with the highest quality materials and tagged for approval by the state Fire Marshall. Choosing white fire retardant tarpaulins for your construction, storage, military, and even camping needs is a great idea. You should have the best possible products protecting what is most important to you, and you cannot go wrong with these white fire retardant tarpaulins.

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