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Tan Mesh Tarpaulins - Shade Screens

Mesh Tarpaulins/Shade Screen - Super Heavy Duty Poly Mesh Tarpaulin
  • Grommets Approx. Every 3 Feet
  • Mildewproof
  • Tear Resistant
  • 70% Shade
  • Acid Resistant
  • Heavy Duty Poly Tarpaulins
  • Arctic Flexibility
  • UV Treated

Tan Mesh Tarpaulins Sold by the Case

6'x10' 6'x14' 6'x18' 6'x20' 8'x10'
8'x20' 10'x10' 10'x16' 10'x20' 10'x30'
12'x20' 16'x20' 20'x20' 20'x30' 20'x40'
20'x100' 30' x 40' 40'x40'  

Tan mesh tarpaulins are used for canopy mesh tarpaulins covers and dump truck tarpaulins debris covers. All our mesh tarpaulins are used for multiple shade purposes and mesh covers for debris. These tan mesh tarpaulins supply great shade in those high glare areas and are built to last the elements. These mesh tarpaulins are great for wind and shade but are semi see through. If you are looking for total privacy tarpaulins go to our "poly tarpaulins" page.

The Benefits Of Owning Tan Mesh Tarpaulins

Tan mesh tarpaulins have a variety of different uses that people all around the world are taking advantage of. There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the right mesh cover to fit your needs. No matter what your demands are you can find a product that can assist you with exactly what you are looking for.

The are a number of benefits to using tan mesh tarpaulins. If you are growing a garden you can use them as protection for your flowers or vegetables. They can provide up to seventy percent of total shade protection and even vigorous water protection for your garden.

If you already own a canopy, a mesh tarpaulins is a can be the perfect add on. The combination of these two will provide you and your family with count less days of enjoy whether you are outdoors in you back yard or at your favorite teams sporting events. You will never run out of uses for this mesh masterpiece. The simple aspect of these desert tan mesh tarpaulins are, they will look elegant in most settings.

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