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Super Strength Nylon Ropes

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Our nylon rope has thick and heavy duty nylon strands to make sure the rope doesn't break. The nylon rope is ideal to tie down the tarpaulins when you need a rigid and secure fit. Rope is used to tie tarpaulins in situations like hanging the material indoors where wind is not a factor. If you need to secure your tarpaulins and do not want a lot of pressure on the grommets, we suggest the bungee hooks.

Super Strength Nylon Ropes

Super Strength Nylon Rope(50 FT. Long)
Super Strength Nylon Rope(100 FT. Long) - OUT OF STOCK

Securing your tarpaulins with rope is good when you do not need the tarpaulins to be flexible. If your are trying to tie your tarpaulins over cargo or an area where there might be slight winds, we suggest using bungee hooks to be tied to the grommets of the tarpaulins to hold it down. The tarpaulins will have more play and be less likely to tear when tied with bungees.

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