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Roofers Tear-Off Tarpaulins

The roofers tear off tarpaulins is crafted with a super heavy duty 40 oz./sq. yd. black vinyl coated tarpaulins material. The tarpaulins is sewn with a crisscross and plus pattern, 2" yellow high strength webbing with 3" id x 3/8" heavy steel O-rings sewn to ends of webbing. The roofers tear off tarpaulins is made for lifting debris from roofs and construction sites. The debris can be piled onto the tarpaulins and the clevis hooks will lift up the tarpaulins and it's load.

Roofers Tear-Off Tarpaulins

7'x7' 10'x10' 12'x12' 15'x15' 20'x20'

CAUTION: The roofers tear-off tarpaulins is not meant to be used as a lifting sling. Make sure that noone is ever under any materials that are being lifted. Pay attention to any wear points in the tear off tarpaulins. If wear points are visible, do not use the tarpaulins and replace it immediately.

About Roofers Tear Off Tarpaulins

Many roofing professionals and weekend warriors typically seek help when needing to remove shingles and extra leftover debris from the roof during or after a job. The roofers tear off tarpaulins just may be an affordable alternative to renting a lift or machine to do the work.

Also, these tarpaulins can help to save and preserve your gutters and downspouts from excessive damage usually caused when throwing or hauling off this material. Simply load and lift all the excessive materials onto the tarpaulins and take it away. This item can really save you a lot of time and money when considering the other more expensive options on the market today.

These heavy duty tarpaulins haulers are made out of extra strength and durable fabric that is vinyl coated. The middle of the tarpaulins has an "x" pattern sewn into the middle of it. This special yellow band provides a very strong webbing. At the ends of the webbing are heavy duty steel rings that have been placed into the webbing corners. These rings and reinforced webbing design provide extra strength, durability and lifetime usefulness to the owner. There are multiple uses for this great tarpaulins. For projects that require removing debris from homes and building sites, to hauling off leaves and tree limbs or branches, this tarpaulins can handle the load. Just attach a hook to the steel rings in the webbing, lift and haul. It really is that easy to do. When your job is complete, just fold it up and store it away for the next job that comes along.

These items come in 7x7 sizes up to 20x20, but take extra caution because it is not to be used as a lifting sling. Always make sure that no one is beneath the tarpaulins being lifted. Be on the look out as well for any worn areas in the tarpaulins. If these issues are visible, don't use it and replace it at once.

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