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Orion™ Deluxe Boat Tarpaulins

Rugged boat tarpaulins specially engineered for the rigors of trailer and highway travel.* Storage bag and trailer straps included * Tension panel system holds tarpaulins tight and distributes stress from high winds and highway speeds * Integrated buckle and strap system for easy fitting and trailer—adjustable straps snap into quick-release buckles on the tarpaulins. * Full cut to allow extra room for accessories such as bow rails, running lights, etc. * Dual rear air vents reduce inside moisture and ballooning of cover at high speeds * Rugged Orion™ Deluxe Marine Canvas won’t stretch or shrink * Fabric coating technology resists dirt and stains while providing water resistance and repel * Resistant to mildew and UV damage * Dual rear cinch cams pull hem tight to the hull for a close fit * Four year warranty

Orion™ Deluxe Boat Tarpaulins

Orion™ Deluxe Boat Tarpaulins - Model A Fits: 14' to 16'L (beam width to 75"): • V-Hull Fishing Boats - Color: Blue/Grey
Orion™ Deluxe Boat Tarpaulins - Model B Fits: 14' to 16'L (beam width to 90"): • V-Hull Runabouts (outboards and I/O) • Tri-Hull Runabouts (outboards and I/O) • Aluminum Bass Boats - Color: Blue/Grey
Orion™ Deluxe Boat Tarpaulins - Model C Fits: 16' to 18.5'L (beam width to 98"): • Fish and Ski Boats • Pro-Style Bass Boats - Color: Blue/Grey
Orion™ Deluxe Boat Tarpaulins - Model D Fits: 17' to 19'L (beam width to 102"): • V-Hull Runabouts (outboards and I/O) - Color: Blue/Grey
Orion™ Deluxe Boat Tarpaulins - Model E Fits: 20' to 22'L (beam width to 106"): • V-Hull Runabouts (outboards and I/O) - Color: Blue/Grey

Orion Deluxe Boat Tarpaulins Handles Bad Weather

Orion deluxe boat tarpaulins are one of the tops choices for many watercraft owners. These tarpaulins are engineered to handle the various weather conditions as well as the varying hazards on the road while towing your watercraft on a trailer. If you ever travel with your boat or are planning a trip you can not do it without this tarpaulins.

These boat tarpaulins coverings come with trailer straps as well as a storage bag. A special tension panel system keeps the tarpaulins tight on the watercraft and keeps it from stressing because of high speeds or winds. This is important so the tarpaulins does not cause damage or abnormal wear on your watercraft.

The integrated buckle systems allows for easy release and a secure fit. This is important whenever the watercraft needs to be unhitched. Adjustable straps fit into the buckles making the tarpaulins very snug and secure. This method is a proven method and makes these much easier to use than others you may find. Dual rear cinch cams allow for a tight fit around the hull as well.

These are cut to allow for extras on the watercraft as well, such as rails, lights, and various other extras. These boat tarpaulins also contain vents which inhibit air collecting and ballooning of these which can lead to damage and also allows for air flow and drainage preventing collection of moisture.

This deluxe canvas tarpaulins tarpaulins will not stretch and will not shrink. A special material coating prevents staining and makes for easy clean up of dirt. Material repels water and resists UV damage and mildew as well. This tarpaulins is made from the strongest, most reliable canvas out there.

If you want to make sure that it is protected in all situations then you need one of the Orion deluxe boat tarpaulins. Whether you are protecting it from the weather, the sun, or against damage while traveling with it, this is the tarpaulins to buy.

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