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Metal Ground Canopy Stakes

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Our metal ground stakes are equipped with a nylon connector on the end to tie a rope through to help with many applications.

Metal Ground Canopy Stakes

Canopy Stakes
Steel Tent Stakes - 9" - 170 pcs
Steel Tent Stake - 12" - 200 pcs
Tarpaulins Tent Ground Stakes Really Are Important

It is important to have some type of shelter when you are trying to have an outdoor event and bad weather, such as rain, is expected. You may just want to keep the sun off of your guests also. Many times whether there is rain or it is storming, there will also be strong winds. If you do not have enough, you may want to purchase some tarpaulins tent ground stakes.

Some of the tarpaulins stakes that you can buy are metal. They also have a connector made out of nylon that a rope can be threaded through. This will help to hold it in place. There are a few different types that are available for this purpose.

The first one is the tarpaulins tent nail stakes. These will keep your canopy secure in conditions with high wind. You can buy bags containing quantities of ten at some places.

The next type is the steel tarpaulins tent stakes. These are nine inches long and are made out of durable steel. These are only sold by the case some places. One case has 170 pieces in it.

There is the twelve inch steel tarpaulins tent stake also. This length is also made from durable steel. These are also only sold by case lots in many places. There is a quantity of 200 in every case.

It is very important that it is held in place if the wind picks up. This is why you should have these. This keeps them from blowing away. These will keep them from getting damaged also. You also need to make sure that there is enough to keep it secure. If you lose one, you need to purchase more to replace them. It is important that they are fastened securely to the poles also. There are different types available for different types of ground also.

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