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Large Tarpaulins

The largest supply of large tarpaulins world wide. Whether you are looking for a large poly tarpaulins, large canvas tarpaulins or any other type of large tarpaulins you will find it here. We have 100 x 100 tarpaulins to 170x 170 tarpaulins in this section. Our inventory ranges from big tarpaulins to huge tarpaulins. If you need the largest tarpaulins on the market, we have them.

Large Tarpaulins

Athletic Field Cover
100' x 100'
Softball field Cover
120' x 120'
Baseball Field Covers
150' x 150'
Baseball Field Covers
160' x 160'
Baseball Field Covers
170' x 170'
50' x 100' 50'x150' 60'x100' 60' x 120' 80'x80'
100' x 100' 100' x 100' 50' x 100' 60' x 60' 60' x 100'
60' x 60' 50' x 100' 60'x100' 50x100 60' x 60'
100' x 100' 30'x30'  

Are you looking where to find the largest supply of large tarpaulins? You have just found all the large canvas tarpaulins and large poly tarpaulins anywhere.

Where Are Large Tarpaulins Used The Most

Tarpaulins or tarpaulin is one industry that has progressed and expanded quickly in the recent years what with variation and color added to their products along with various sizes to meet consumer needs. Consumers can be industries or a common household. There are large tarpaulins that are produced specifically for commercial use. Places like football field, cricket grounds, rooftops of the house and factories, buildings that are still under construction and many others find these huge tarpaulins very useful. A tarpaulins can be as big as 170 inches in length and breadth. Large poly tarpaulins have grown very popular since the last two decades since they cost less and are long lasting, regardless of the weather conditions.

It can rain, be scorching hot or grow freezing cold, it does not affect the poly tarpaulins. Polyethylene is mildew by nature, doesn't rot and doesn't get molded even if it you leave it outside for many years, exposed to the UV rays. Not only this, it is also very light in weight and thus becomes an ideal choice for outdoor coverage of large equipment.

These big, heavy duty tarpaulins is 12 Mil thick and after every 18 inches, it is retrofitted with grommets. The main idea behind producing such tarpaulins is coverage of an equipment that will have to be stored or kept outside for a long period of time. Most of the large tarpaulins are laminated thrice so that water resistance is ensured. Blue poly hurricane tarpaulins in large sizes are quite popular for rooftops while brown ones are good for heavy equipment. They both possess strong texture, are highly tear proof and water, grease and dirt resistant.

The inside of the tarpaulins is treated in and out with UV blockers, fade blockers along with anti-bacterial, anti-aging and anti-yellowing particles and agents. Large tarpaulins come in the colors of silver, blue, brown, green and white and are normally shipped via LTL freight in single or double pallets.

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