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Hurricane™ Inflatable Tarpaulins

All-season boat tarpaulins for rigid inflatable boats (RIBs)* Integrated buckle and strap system for easy fitting and trailing adjustable straps snap into quick-release buckles on the tarpaulins. * Contoured fit design will cover the boat when stored face up or face down * Elastic hem cord sewn into entire bottom hem provides a tight, custom fit * Special design allows the bow trailing strap to be run in a lace pattern for an extra secure and tight fit * Storage bag and trailing straps included * Tough polyester Hurricane™ Marine Canvas designed for durability and weather protection * Provides excellent protection against degrading UV rays and sun damage * Boat tarpaulins fabric coating technology and heavy-duty fabric for maximum water resistance and repelling * Resistant to mildew and UV damage, won’t shrink or stretch.

Hurricane™ Inflatable Tarpaulins

Hurricane Rigid Inflatable Boat Tarpaulins - Small Fits: Boats up to 9.5' long Beam width to 60" - Color: Grey
Hurricane Rigid Inflatable Boat Tarpaulins - Medium - DISCONTINUED Fits: Boats up to 10.5' long Beam width to 60" - Color: Grey
Hurricane Rigid Inflatable Boat Tarpaulins - Large Fits: Boats up to 11.5' long Beam width to 70" - Color: Grey
Hurricane Rigid Inflatable Boat Tarpaulins - X Large Fits: Boats up to 12.5' long Beam width to 70" - Color: Grey

Protect Your Property With Weatherproof Hurricane Boat Tarpaulins

Recreational vehicle owners need all the help they can get when it comes to protecting their investment. Durable hurricane boat tarpaulins are designed specifically to protect boats that are being towed or stored. The tarpaulins is made out of durable polyester marine canvas that will not shrink and keeps its shape under the harshest conditions. The fabric is more durable that other materials and it will shed water to keep the motor, paint and interior of the vessel from getting water logged. Accessories like lights and bow rails are comfortably accommodated by the full cut. The cover surface is coated for additional protection against sunlight and damaging UV rays. The high density material is resistant to rips so the cover maintains its integrity even when subjected to severe weather conditions.

The same features are found on covers made especially for inflatable craft. These are manufactured with a contoured fit that covers the craft equally well when stored face up or upside down. Adjustable trailing straps are designed to secure the tarpaulins in place and keep it there even in high winds. Each strap snaps easily into a quick release buckle that is attached securely to the tarpaulins.

An elastic cord is incorporated into the hem of the cover to allow the user to pull it tight around the hull. This will keep dirt and debris from accumulating and soiling the interior or damaging the finish.

This type of boat tarpaulins is gray and comes in a variety of sizes that will fit boats from twelve feet in length up to 22 feet long. Different models are constructed to accommodate beam widths from 68 inches to 106 inches. Various contoured models will accommodate inflatable boats up to 12.5 feet long and 60 inches wide. Owners of various types of watercraft can count on hurricane boat tarpaulins when it comes to protecting their property against damage.

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