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Green Poly Tarpaulins

Our Green Tarpaulins are made with a thick green poly coating and cover a wide range of use. Our green poly tarpaulins are 100% water proof and are built to last the elements. When searching for green poly tarpaulins it is important to find a green poly tarp cover with a high mesh count with a heavy duty poly coating.
Dark Forest Green Tarpaulins - Blends Into Environment 5 oz. Per Square Yrd. - 1200 Denier - 12x14 Mesh Count
  • Grommets Approx.Every 18 Inches
  • Water Proof
  • Mildew Resistant
  • Tear Resistant
  • Acid Resistant
  • Heavy Duty Green Poly Tarpaulins
  • Arctic Flexibility

Green Tarpaulins 6.5 oz Sold by the Case

6' x 8' 6' x 16' 8' x 10' 10' x 10' 10' x 12'
10' x 16' 10' x 20' 12' x 16' 12' x 20' 12' x 24
14' x 20' 16' x 20' 18' x 24' 20' x 20' 20' x 30'
20' x 40' 24' x 30' 24' x 36' 30' x 30' 30' x 40'
30' x 50' 30' x 60' 40' x 40' 40' x 50' 40' x 60'
50' x 50' 50'x100' 60' x 60' 50'x150'

Need strong green tarpaulins? We only carry super tough green tarpaulins!

We carry 8’x10’ green tarpaulins that easily blend into your backyard or any park like environment. Our super tough Forest Green tarpaulins 8’x10’ are tear resistant and will stay flexible in extreme arctic conditions.

  • 200 Denier
  • Mildew Resistant
  • 15 Tarpaulins Per Case

Take Some Green Poly Tarpaulins For Camping

As summer approaches, many families thoughts will turn toward camping. When packing for the next camping trip, be sure to take a good supply of green tarpaulins. These inexpensive plastic poly tarpaulins can help the family to be more comfortable while living in the outdoors.

One of the first places the camping family will find use for a green tarp is to secure the load of equipment for traveling from home to the camping spot. Whether transporting everything in the back of a pickup, in a trailer or on top of a vehicle, everything will arrive dry and protected from road hazards if covered in a tarpaulins.

Before setting up the tent, spread a large tarpaulins on the ground. This ground cloth will prevent moisture from the ground from seeping up into the floor of the tent. When it is time to break camp, the tent floor will still be clean as it did not come in contact with the ground. Turn the tarpaulins over and sweep with a broom to remove any debris from the plastic before packing it away.

If there is equipment or supplies that need to be stored at the campsite but that cannot fit into the tent, cover them with a tarpaulins. The tarpaulins can be secured using large stones to weight down the edges or by driving tent spikes through the grommets into the ground. In addition to providing a waterproof shelter, the tent keeps your properties out of sight.

In windy areas, a green poly tarpaulins can be used to provide a windbreak. Use bungee cords to secure a tarpaulins between two poles that have been planted into the ground. The bungees provide enough give to protect the tarpaulins from the wind and the tarpaulins can protect the campsite. In cold weather camping, the heat of the campfire is more effective at warming the campers. When heading on your next camping trip, do not forget the green poly tarpaulinsaulins.

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