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Green Canvas Tarpaulins

These green canvas tarpaulins or made for optimum sun protection and shade, constructed with the highest quality materials. 100% industrial grade cotton hitch can be folded up or rolled up and can travel just about anywhere you need protection from the sun. The green tarpaulins are used highly as military canvas tarpaulins.
Green Canvas Tarpaulins - Heavy Duty Cotton Canvas Tarpaulins 10 oz. Per Square Yrd. - Heavy Duty Thread Gage These green canvas tarpaulins are sold Individually
  • Grommets Approx. Every 2 Feet
  • Tear Resistant
  • Heavy Duty Canvas Tarpaulins

Green Canvas Tarpaulins

6'x8' 6'x10' 6'x20' 8'x10' 8'x12'
10'x12' 10'x16' 12'x20' 14'x20' 20'x20'
20'x40' 30'x30'  

Green Canvas tarpaulins are great for blending in the environment. These green canvas tarpaulins are not waterproof. If you are looking for waterproof tarpaulins, go to our "Poly Tarpaulins" section and see our collection of poly tarpaulins.

Using Green Canvas Tarpaulins For Protection That Blends Into The Environment

Green canvas tarpaulins are the penultimate of craftsmanship. They are made with super high quality materials, incorporating on the highest industrial grade cotton canvas. Because of this they offer optimal sun protection, no matter where you choose to use them.

The green canvas tarpaulins make for a super efficient way of creating shelter and shade on long trips or stays in the sun. This is perhaps why the green canvas tarpaulins have seen such a high use in the military. They are effective protection that can easily be rolled up, stored and carried along with any group, no matter how far their travels take them. Because of their green coloration they are great for ground coverage without detection. This means that if you are attempting to cover up your personal items that must be left behind from theft, you have a super convenient, cost efficient method of doing so. Even log piles when properly tarped are undetectable from the sky, allowing you to leave your belongings behind with comfort and piece of mind.

With a little ingenuity green canvas tarpaulins can be used to create optimal shade covering for a vehicle during high heat temperatures. Climbing into the car on a hot day can be downright painful. The steering wheel, upholstery and gear shift are often too hot to touch. In the back seat, car seats, boosters and even seat belts are blazing hot. Keeping your car cool provides the entire family with comfort and ease when it is time to jump in and go. Best of all you do not have to crank the air conditioner to its highest setting in order to make the car endurable.

The green canvas tarpaulins are also significant fuel savers that can be had when the proper tarpaulins is used to create a quick, but efficient form of shade. Know it or not, most drivers lose a pretty significant amount of gas in the summer months due to simple evaporation for the high temperatures. Keeping your car cool not only makes it a much more comfortable environment, but helps cut down your fuel costs as well. Best of all, whatever you cover, from the sky line, only you will know it is there.

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