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Foot Pads

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Our tarpaulins tent footings are strong and will help hold the tarpaulins tent to the ground firmly. Each of our tarpaulins tent footings are made with high density and heavy duty steel. The bottom plate has three hole where the tarpaulins tent stakes can be driven through to the ground.

Foot Pads

Tarpaulins Tent Footings 1" (For Standard Tarpaulins Tents)
Tarpaulins Tent Footings 1 3/8" (For Heavy Duty Tarpaulins Tents)
What Are Tarpaulins Tent Footings Used For

The tarpaulins tent footings are designed to hold large outdoor tarpaulins tent structures in place and to help them resist the need to move or sway due to outdoor environmental conditions.

The tarpaulins tent footings is a heavy duty metal piece. The bottom surface is rounded and will lay flush to the ground, while the top portion of the footing appears to resemble an open cylinder of some type. An additional round notch can be seen escaping from the cylinder portion of the footing. These tarpaulins tent footings are available in three different sizes. The size that you will need to hold your canopy to the ground will be based upon the size of the cover that you presently possess.

The three sizes of tarpaulins tent footings are as follows: 3/4 inch pad, 1 3/8 inch pad as well as a 2 inch. The prices will differ based upon the type of footing that your tarpaulins structure requires. To begin using the footing, you will need to drive some of the tarpaulins tent stakes directly into the ground. These stakes will need to be driven through the apparent holes that can be seen throughout this pad. The primary focus of the tarpaulins tent footings is to keep your cover secure to the ground.

It is crucial if you are going to erect a tarpaulins tent or cover of some kind that you also ensure that the cover is attached to a secure foundation. You will be able to eliminate the chances of your cover falling over or collapsing due to harsh weather conditions.

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