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Drain Tarpaulins

Our drain tarpaulins are designed to protect personnel and equipment from overhead leaks. When looking for high quality drain tarpaulins thickness and mesh count should always be a factor. These drain tarpaulins also know as leak diverters are strong yet lightweight. The special design effectively catches and drains water safely away from the work area. Heavy D-rings are sewn into each corner to facilitate hanging. Sizes larger than 10' x 10' have D-rings on the center of each side or the drain tarpaulins.

The indoor leak tarpaulins has a drain spout that connects to a standard 3/4" garden hose which serves as the downspout. The drain tarpaulins are offered in Light Duty, 12-mil reinforced polyethylene (not flame retardant). When it comes to using a leak diverter or drain tarpaulins you want to make sure you get a quality product. It's nice to know that the tarpaulins will drain the water on not leak a drop. Our drain tarpaulins have tight fitting parts and will make sure that the water is distributed where you want it to go, so if you are looking for the ultimate drain tarpaulins, we suggest our high quality drain tarpaulins.

Drain Tarpaulins

5 x 5 7 x 7 10 x 10 12 x 12 15 x 15
20 x 20  

Have a nasty leak and looking to cover it up with some drain tarpaulins? You cannot go wrong with our super high grade drain tarpaulins!

The Purpose Of Drain Tarpaulins And Leak Diverters

Leak diverters and drain tarpaulins are designed to protect people and equipment from overhead leaks. These classes of tarpaulins are very durable but are very lightweight enabling them to be setup to protect vulnerable areas quickly. The drain tarpaulins is known for their high quality features such as having very thick material that also holds a very high mesh count.

The overall drain tarpaulins design catches water and drains it away from leaky roofs and skylights and protects places where people work or where electronics and other valuable equipment are stored. The sides are sewed together with Heavy D-rings that are set on each corner which gives it a sturdy hang. They can come in different sizes and can protect a small enclosing such as indoor rooms to larger structures such as schools and local businesses. The standard drain tarpaulins size is 5 x 5 but when the size reaches any larger than 10 x 10 the D-rings are placed on the center of each side of the tarpaulins. This makes them also great to use in large structures like warehouses or manufacturing plants. The design of an indoor drain tarpaulins comes with a 3/4 garden hose that serves as a draining spout. It quickly diverts leaks that occur when it rains from the protected area to the proper location of disposal.

The drain tarpaulins are offered in two kinds of material which are split into two categories. The first is Light Duty which is a 12-mil reinforced polyethylene which is not flame retardant. The second class has Heavy Duty material that is 13 ounce flame retardant translucent laminated polyester. Like many other kinds of tarpaulins, they can also be customized in size depending on the buyer's needs as well as many different tarpaulin fabrics. This makes them ideal for firefighters, diverting falling waters from upper levels to prevent personal property damage and to decrease the run-off damage.

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