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Construction Tarpaulins

Basic Information About Construction Tarpaulins

There a number of uses where tarpaulins really come into their own; from personal use to the agricultural industry. So versatile are they in fact, there are few areas where they cannot be used. The construction tarpaulins are made to more exacting requirements however, such is the environment they are used in and the work they have to do.

There are a great many uses for construction tarpaulins; providing protection to those below from falling debris, giving shade to workers from the midday sun, protecting from the worst of the wind and rain, to allowing privacy to be ensured against uninvited prying eyes.

There are a great many areas where they can be used though. Naturally resistant to weathering, and made from the most durable high-density polyethylene (HDPE), the laminated multi layers are ideal for covering sand and ballast from site to site. Further, they are ideal for semi-permanent coverings or to provide protection on eroding hillsides and the like.

With a high tensile strength, they can handle all that is thrown at them too. Further than this, they are also able to provide protection from high temperatures. Being UV treated too, the construction tarpaulins are not susceptible to cracking or degradation as with other fabrics used outside.

Solid or mesh fabrics are available to ideally suite the purpose, and the weather. The construction tarpaulins are also available in many different colors and sizes. They can be secured easily enough with grommets spaced between 18 inches and 3 feet apart. With reinforced corners too, they really can take the strain. Thickness and weaves for construction tarpaulins also vary depending on the exact use. For light duty, a 10 x 10 weave count, with a 6 mils thickness is standard. However, across the range these go up to 14 x 14 weave and a 12 mil thickness, though other dimensions can be attended to if there is a need.

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